Pictory Release Notes

Pictory Release Notes

September 2021

We've been working hard to continuously improve Pictory based on your feedback. We'd like to highlight some of the key improvements that we have enabled recently:
  1. Improved voiceover UX - While we have made some improvements to our voiceover synchronization algorithm, more importantly, we have built a new user interface to help you rapidly make any synchronization adjustments.
  2. Improved stock video search results - We’ve made some improvements to our stock video search algorithm, so you should now see more visual options to select from.
  3. Ellipses for sub-scenes removed - Long sentences are still split into sub-scenes, but you won’t see the annoying ellipses anymore. 
We also quashed several other bugs in our journey towards a much better user experience for you. Please try and share your feedback.  Stay tuned for many more exciting capabilities in Pictory coming soon.

August 2021

We are excited to announce a new update of Pictory today with several much-asked-for features. Here is what's included in this new update in addition to the many bugs that we've squashed along the way:
1.  Volume control: Control the volume of music track v/s the voiceover track. Customize your videos more thorough this slider in a new Audio Setting section of the Audio Tab of Pictory.
2.  Text download: Now you can download the text file (in TXT, SRT, or VTT format) of the transcript immediately after the transcription of a video is completed. Save time with this new Download text button on the transcription page.
3.  Adjust number of lines in captions/subtitles: Now you can adjust the maximum number of lines which show the captions on-screen. Simply set the Max number of lines settings on the transcription page to the number of lines desired.
4.  Optimize speed v/s size: Now you can make your video generation go a little bit faster if you are okay with slightly larger sized videos. Find a new setting under the Format tab of the Storyboard screen where the default is set to make the video generation faster.  
In addition to these new features, we have squashed several bugs and made many usability improvements. 

May 2021

We have just upgraded your Pictory with a few major enhancements. These are again based on the wonderful inputs we are getting from marketers and content creators such as you. 
  1. Multiple short videos from one lengthy video - You can now easily select the portions of transcribed text and download them as video snippets. Thus, generate dozens of short videos from one long video such as a webinar, video podcast, customer interview. You can post these videos on social media to amplify the visibility of your video contents. Learn more here
  2. Download videos from transcription text itself - This is perfect when you want to just edit or clean your video without a lot of customizations. You can edit the videos using transcribed text and download the videos at this step itself without going to next step i.e. storyboard
  3. Undo video deletions inline - You can undo your text and video deletions by just clicking the undo icon in the transcribed text itself. You no longer have to guess and click project-level undo multiple times to undo undesired deletions
Stay tuned for another bumper release next week!

April 2021

We are super excited to launch these new capabilities based on our continuous customer engagement. 


➡️ Edit videos in multiple languages.  You can now edit videos in Italian, Spanish, German, and French languages. Just indicate the language while uploading your video and Pictory's AI will automatically transcribe the video into that language and add subtitles. You can search the video by searching for text, plus delete sentences and words that you wish to cut out of your final video    

➡️ Detect silences in the video automatically. Pictory now shows silences in the video as a part of the transcript. Easily review and delete any awkward silences in the video just like deleting a word or a sentence   

 Faster video editing and rendering. We have fine-tuned our algorithms to enable you to edit and summarize long videos faster. We now leverage the backend computing power even more to accelerate your overall workflow including video upload, transcription, and final video rendering. 

Additionally, we have fixed a few bugs and improved the UX for editing the video transcription. 

January 2021

We are very excited to announce a brand new use case in Pictory for 2021. 

Pictory now allows you to edit and summarize videos using text. We are trying to make editing videos as easy as editing email in these easy steps. Watch a video demo of this capability. 
  1. Upload the video to edit. As the video is uploaded, Pictory's advanced AI engine transcribes the video and converts it to an accurate text representation where the time stamp for each word is stored internally.

  2. Search and edit the transcribed text to edit the video. Search the video by searching for text on the transcription. Select and delete sentences and words wish to cut out of your final video. Automatically remove filler words like uhs and ums. Edit the transcriptions that will show up as video captions.

  3. Summarize the video to the desired length. Our AI can automatically select a set of summary sentences from the transcription. Easily unselect or select other sentences to include in the summary. 

  4. Add B-Rolls and Customize Brand Settings. Pictory offers over 3 million images or videos that you can choose as B-rolls on any sentence. Pictory allows you to create your own custom brand settings with fonts and color schemes. You can also add your logo and a standard Intro and Outro scene.
In addition to these new features, we have squashed several bugs and made many usability improvements. 

November 2020

We are excited to announce several improvements in Pictory that we made in November 2020.  Here are the new capabilities we added based on our continuous customer conversations.

  1. Video generation is now done in an asynchronous mode.  No need to wait while the video is being generated, you will get notified once it is done.
  2. Output video size is now highly optimized so you don't have to deal with very large MP4 files.
  3. You can now easily add scenes before or after another scene making your storyboard editing easier.
  4. We now support scroll bars throughout the app allowing you to navigate easier. 
In addition to these new features, we have squashed several bugs and made many usability improvements.

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