How to Generate Multiple Short Videos from One Long Webinar or a Video Podcast?

How to Generate Multiple Short Videos from One Long Webinar or a Video Podcast?

Steps to create multiple short videos from one long video for social media

1. Click on Proceed

2. On the next screen, you can source your video directly from Youtube or your PC or from the Google Drive once you link your Google drive with Pictory.
Then click on Proceed, you can select the language as per the language in your video.

3. Once you have uploaded an MP4 file, Pictory's unique AI will swiftly work to transcribe the voice from the video.
This may take a few moments but you can click on the 'Home' button to work on other things and the transcription will continue in the background.

4. To view the progress of your video with voice transcription, you can click the bell icon in the upper right hand corner. You will also receive an email to the registered email address notifying you when transcription is complete. 

5. Once your video has been transcribed, you will be presented with the transcription on the left and the preview of your video on the right.

6.Select the parts of the video you want to highlight and download

Just select the relevant sentences from the transcription and click on Add to Highlights.

7. After selecting all the Highlights, click the highlights tab and download the video clips.
You can further customize it on the next step.

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