Why don't I see that many Getty visuals?

Why don't I see that many Getty visuals?

We've incorporated over 10 million Getty Images visuals into our visual library, so why aren't you seeing an extensive number of Getty visuals in your search outcomes?
Our AI system functions by ranking the most relevant visuals for your entered keywords, presenting results in a prioritized sequence. It's possible that certain searches return more relevant Getty Images visuals compared to others due to keyword variation. Rest assured, the results you receive are tailored to best suit your search parameters. 

How can I differentiate between Getty Images and Storyblocks visuals?
  1. Getty images visuals is a premium feature, so for free trial users and standard plan users, these visuals will be marked by a crown icon, as seen in the screenshot below;
  1. For Premium plan and teams plan user who have unlimited access to Getty Images visuals, the visuals will be marked by the 'gettyimages' tag as seen in the screen shot below.
For our Standard users wondering why there's a scarcity of Getty visuals in your search results, kindly note that our AI currently gives preference to visuals from Storyblocks rather than Getty Images in such instances. Please read this article for more info - https://help.pictory.ai/portal/en/kb/articles/why-can-t-i-use-getty-images-on-the-standard-plan

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