Using B-Roll in Video Editing

Using B-Roll in Video Editing

B-Roll is a secondary video footage which overlaps your video usually added to create dramatic tension, or further illustrate a point.
For example, if you have a video to explain the Solar System and you are explaining each planet. In your B-Roll you can add visual for each planet which will overlap your explainer video at that time.

Pictory gives this option to Add and Remove B-Roll video in the Video Editing Scenario. Here's an illustration on how you can use B-Roll:

You will start from the Edit Video Option which is the fourth box:

You can upload videos using 3 different methods.
1. Upload using a link/URL from Youtube
2. Upload a downloaded video from your device
3. Link your Google drive with Pictory and use videos from the Drive.

Next Step after you upload your video is Transcription where you can edit your script, remove filler words, etc.

After you are done editing the transcription, you click on Customize Video to go to the next step where you can add B-Roll and edit your video scene by scene. 

1. Add B-Roll Video

When you want to add a B-Roll visual, go to the Customize Video step, select the scene where you want to add the visual.

Go to Visuals tab on the left side, searc and select a suitable visual and add it to the scene. Screenshot below illustrates the same. 

2. Carry forward B-Roll visual for multiple scenes

When you want to continue to show the B-Roll visual for a few scenes, you have an option to link scene where the visual will continue to play.

The image below shows on the left side Scene 20 and 21 are linked. Because they are linked, to the right you will see same visual for Scene 20 and 21

3. Delete B-Roll Visual

When you have added a B-Roll visual, you will see a Remove Visual button on that scene. Click on Remove visual and the B-Roll visual will be removed from that scene and other scenes which are linked to this one.

Points to Remember:
a. B-Roll visual is available only in the Video Editing Scenario
b. Make sure you complete everything on the transcription step and then move to the next that is customize video to add your B-Roll. If you click Previous on the Customize step, you will loose all the edits that you have done.

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