Adjusting Your AI-Driven Summary

Adjusting Your AI-Driven Summary

Adjusting AI Summary: 

From Step 2: AI-Driven Article Summary, you have the option to: 

A) Rename your Video Project

Automatically, Pictory will name your project as the article was titled.
However, in the upper left corner, under Project name, you may choose to edit the name of your project 

B) Quickly Adjust your Summary Size

At the bottom, there is a summary size slider, which you can use to adjust how many sentences you would like your storyboard to be.

Note: Each sentence will be assigned its own scene in the storyboard, meaning the more sentences you choose to include, the longer your project will get.

C) Manually Select and Deselect Sentences for your Summary

Each sentence on the left that is highlighted will appear in your summary and thus your storyboard.

By clicking on a sentence, if it is already highlighted, it will deselect the sentence and be removed from the summary.
By clicking on an unhighlighted sentence, it will be highlighted and added as part of the summary.

Before Clicking Highlighted Sentence

After Clicking Highlighted Sentence 

Notice that the first sentence was removed from the summary on the right. Please also notice the estimated video length has decreased in the lower right hand corner.

D) Save your Summary

At any point, you may save your project, and thereby the summary as well, by clicking the save button in the upper right. 

Saved projects can be accessed and edited at any time within My Projects.

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