How to automatically remove silences from a video?

How to automatically remove silences from a video?

The Remove Silences option is available when you start with a video such as:

  1. A Webinar
  2. A video presentation
  3. A recorded Zoom meeting

Or any form of video communication which is recorded and needs to be edited.

  1. Select your MP4 file and click on upload. After the video is transcribed it will look as shown below    
  2. The REMOVE SILENCES option is used to take away unwanted pauses or silences that may have been recorded in the video.ยท          For example: Every time you place yourself on mute on a Zoom call, a virtual meeting where you are waiting for other to join. 
  3. You can remove the silence that is as small as 0 seconds long and use the UP and DOWN arrow to increase or decrease the same or you can even type in the number between 0-99.
  4. Click on OK after setting the time. All the silences will be removed.   
  5. You will see that the silences are replaced with an UNDO icon on the transcription.
  6. In case you want the natural silence in the video on any line, click on the undo icon and the change will be undone.
  7. If you wish to UNDO it all at once, just TURN OFF the REMOVE SILENCES and the silences will be restored.

 Points to remember:

1.This is applicable only for the VIDEO EDITING scenario


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