Pictory August Release Notes

Release Notes - August, 2020

We are excited to announce several improvements in Pictory that we made in August. 

Here are some key new capabilities that we’ve added:

  1. Search for similar visuals- Your visuals search experience is simplified further. You can now search for visuals that are similar to an image or video clip you like. Look out for the 'Search Similar' icon on any image on the Visuals tab. This is powered by our new image recognition AI algorithm.
  2. Custom Intro- Under brand settings, like the Outro scene, you can now add a custom Intro scene that will be automatically applied to every video you create. This will help you ensure brand consistency in all your videos.
  3. Improvements in audio search- The AI algorithm that automatically selects the musical audio track based on the mood of your Text content has been improved.  
  4. Multiple aspect ratios- You can now with a single click create Pictory videos in different aspect ratios for different social platforms. In addition to the 16:9 horizontal video, we also now support the 9:16 vertical video, and a 1:1 square video.
  5. Scene Settings Control- You now have more granular control on scene settings where you can choose whether to pan or zoom the scene image or to play voice-over or music on a specific scene. 
  6. Undo- You can now Undo actions while editing the storyboard. 
  7. Search recommendations- Simplify manual search of images with AI-based search recommendations 

In addition to these new features, we have squashed several bugs and made many usability improvements.

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