More on Scripts

More on Scripts

What Qualifies as a Script? 

Most pieces of writing will work as a script. Scripts will break into more predictable scenes as long as they are unformatted. Scripts that are formatted into columns or text boxes before being pasted into Pictory may not assign sentences to scenes as desired.

The following is an example of acceptable script inputs:

"Hello, this is the Pictory team. We are so happy you are enjoying using Pictory, and hope it has transformed your view on video making. Thank you for choosing Pictory!"

A script can be as long or as short as you'd like. This one will generate a storyboard with 3 scenes, each sentence being its own scene. Notice the bolded words and phrases. Words you bold in your script input will be preselected as keywords in your scenes. You can also manually select your keywords in step 3: Building the Video. To learn more about keywords, visit this page.

The following are examples of unacceptable script inputs: 

      "Hello, this is the Pictory team. We are so happy 
      you are enjoying using Pictory, and hope it has 
      transformed your view on video making. 
      Thank you for choosing Pictory!"

Using these formats for your script may alter how the sentences are assigned to scenes. To avoid this, please use scripts that are largely unformatted aside from possible bolding for keywords.