How to transcribe and convert audio to video?

How to transcribe and convert audio to video?

Wondering how you can transcribe and convert your audio file into video? With Pictory, it’s a breeze. Keep reading to know how you can achieve this.

Transcribing the audio file:

First off, you will need to transcribe your audio file.

  1. Click on ‘Proceed’ on ‘Edit videos using text’ - the third box on the homepage.

  1. On the new window, upload your audio file from your computer/PC to Pictory. Select the language for the transcription then click upload.
  2. When you click upload, you will be prompted to choose the number of speakers in the uploaded audio. Select the accurate number and click proceed to continue.

  1. Please wait a few seconds for the transcription to be processed. When it is done, you will be taken to the transcription page where you will see your transcribed text on the left side of the screen and the viewport on the right side.
  2. You can edit your transcribed text to ensure it matches the speaker's words. Our transcription is almost always accurate but we recommend you review the text for words that might have been mispronounced or not accurately picked up.

  1. When you’re done editing your text, you can further clean up your audio by removing filler words and silences. You can also adjust the maximum number of lines of text you want in your video. It’s set to 1 by default so we recommend increasing it so you don’t have too many scenes in your video.
  2. To set the aspect ratio of your video, click on the aspect ratio button as seen below.
  3. You can also select another template for how the subtitles will appear in your video if you don't like the default template.
*You can always change the aspect ratio and template on the storyboard.

  1. When you’re done, click on ‘Customize video’ to proceed to the storyboard.

How to convert and customize your audio to video:

  1. On the storyboard, you can add visuals to your video by going to the visuals tab and searching for visuals. Simply enter a keyword to search and the system will return with relevant visuals in our visuals library that match or are related to your keyword. 

  1. Click on the scene you want to place your visual and click on your preferred visuals from the search results to insert this on the scene. Do this for all your scenes or simply click ‘apply visual to all’ to apply a particular visual to all scenes.
  2. You can also upload your own visuals - images and videos, if you have any you’d like to use in your video. Go to visuals >> My uploads to bring them on.

  1. To add background music, go to the Audio tab and search for a track that matches the theme of your video from the thousands of audio tracks available in Pictory’s audio library. Go to ‘Volume’ to adjust the volume of the background music so it doesn’t overwhelm the audio.

Other bits of customization you can do to improve the overall look and feel of your video are;

  1. Add elements like GIFs, stickers and Emojis in the ‘Elements’ tab.
  2. Add logos, intro and outro scenes in the ‘Branding’ tab.
  3. Add text to your video in the ‘Text’ tab.
  4. Change the aspect ratio of your video in the ‘Format’ tab.
  5. Add transitions between the scenes in your video by clicking the transition button between scenes on the scene strip. (Please note that the transition effect is disabled for linked scenes).

Once you’ve finished customizing your video, you can preview and download it. And there you have it - your audio, transcribed and converted into video.

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