How to split a scene?

How to split a scene?

If your scene has long text and you want to make it appear on your screen in smaller parts, split scene function is best option for you. Here are steps on how to use the Split Scene function.

1. After you paste your script and proceed to create your video, you reach the storyboard where you get to edit the video. 
2. Go to a scene where you see long text or a scene where you want to split the text in 2 smaller chunks. Make sure your cursor is at the place from where you want to split the text and then click on Split Scene.

3. After you click on Split Scene and the text will get split in 2 scenes. These scenes would be linked by default

Points to remember while using the Split Scene function:
a. Best practice would be making sure you finalize splitting all your scenes and then apply voice over to the video. If you already have a voice over and you split the scene, your voice over will get removed.
b. The two scenes that would be generated after split are by default linked which means they will have the same visual. You can unlink and change the visual if you feel the need to
c. Split scene function is only available for Article to Video and Script to Video options.

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