How to edit your scene duration/trim your video

How to edit your scene duration/trim your video

The following article will guide you on how to trim your video clips.

1. Click on 'Trim Video' on your video toolbar.

2. To trim your video, drag the green bars to your desired duration and relevant part of the scene.

3. Once you've trimmed your video, you will also need to adjust the scene duration to match the length of your trimmed video.

To do so: Click on "Scene Duration" in the top left corner of the video. 

4. Now you can enter the duration to match the timing of your trimmed video in the Timing box.  If your trimmed video is of 5 seconds, please also change the scene duration to 5 seconds. 

5. If you wish to have the same scene duration for all your scenes, select the 'Apply to All Scenes' button and your selected duration will apply to your entire video.

If you have uploaded/recorded your own voiceover and want to  know how to adjust the scene duration, click here.

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