How to customize a template with your personal branding and use it every time you create a video?

How to customize a template with your personal branding and use it every time you create a video?

This help article is intended to walk you through a few easy steps that will give you all the details and explanation of the features related to customizing a template with your personal branding and how to use it for your videos. The steps are in chronological order so you may choose to read through them in order if you would like to understand the entire process of article to video, or if you have more specific questions use the table of contents above to easily navigate to the section you would like to learn more about.

This article focuses on using Script to Video. If you’d like to learn how to use templates in a video editing scenario? Click here.

  1. Click on Proceed under ‘Script to Video’ to begin with your project

2. You’ll now be redirected to the Script Editor, where you’ll be able to write or paste your script. Please note that to paste your script use Ctrl + V on  Windows and Cmd + V on Mac. Right-click will not enable the paste function.

3. The next step is to choose from the ‘Templates Library.’ Pictory has a ton of templates with different styles for you to choose from. Don’t worry, these templates are completely customizable and you can edit them later as well.

Once you’ve made a choice, click on ‘Select

Next, choose an aspect ratio and click on ‘Continue

After this step, you will be redirected to the Storyboard, where you can customize your Template by going into Branding and Styles

4. Click on the Branding Tab and Enable the Intro Scene and Outro Scene to begin customizing your template.

5. You can customize your visual, logo, and text for the intro and outro by uploading your own branding content.

Click here to learn how to customize Intro and Outro Scene

Click here to learn how to add your own logo

6. Once you’ve customized your Branding, you’ll notice your template name has changed. If it was Standard, it will now be Standard (1), this indicates it’s now a custom template and you can change the name as well.

You can also click on the ‘Color Palette' icon to view the template library and ‘My Templates' to change your template

Now that you’ve created a custom template, you can use this same template as many times as you’d like.

The next time you start a project and are at Step 3, Click on the ‘My Templates’ tab and choose from any of your existing custom templates to apply your saved personal branding settings.

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