How to buy and customise Premium Plan?

How to buy and customise Premium Plan?

Hey, thank you for your interest in Premium Plan.
Here's how you can buy and customise your plan as per your needs.
  1. Go to My Subscription Page
  2. On this page, you will see a slider under the Premium Plan. This slider lets you decide the number of videos you want to create per month.
    1. FAQ - Why is the price same when I am increasing the number of videos?
      1. Answer - Pay attention to the video length mentioned below (Highlighted in green in the screenshot below). You will see it reduce when you are increasing number of videos
      1. Context - The idea is that you will be able to purchase the following at $39 (Premium Annual) or $47 (Premium Monthly):
        1. 60 videos/month of up to 20 minutes each
        2. 140 videos/month of only 8 minutes each
    1. FAQ - How can I change the video length per video?
      1. Just click on the hyperlink that says "Change video length" and you will be taken to a new slider, where you can increase the duration
      2. When you change the position of this slider, price will increase accordingly
Once you are happy with the customised plan, go ahead and click on Upgrade or Buy Now, and you'll be directed to the Order Summary page.

Note: You will only be charged the difference amount if you are upgrading your plan.

For any further queries, please feel free to reach out to

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