How can I download the audio from my video?

How can I download the audio from my video?

Do you want to download the associated audio file in your video when you download a video on Pictory? It’s quite simple, let us show you how.

How to download audio from the storyboard:

  • On the storyboard, go to ‘Download’ on the top right corner of the screen and click on ‘video’ in the drop down modal. 

  • A video generation modal will be displayed to show the progress of your video generation.

  • Once your video is generated, you will be shown a new modal. Click on 'Export audio' to download the mp3 audio file from your video.

How to download audio from ‘My projects’:

You must download your video first from the storyboard before you can download the associated assets from the ‘My projects’ page. Assets in this context refer to the video, audio and text files. Assuming you’ve already generated your video:

  • Click ‘My projects’ >> Find the project of interest and click on it.

  • Go to the file labelled ‘Audio’, usually the third file on the page.

  • Click on the three dots on the file to download your mp3 audio file.

*Please note that the audio file comprises both the background music and any voiceover applied in the video.

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