How can I add multiple textboxes to my video?

How can I add multiple textboxes to my video?

With Pictory, you can now add multiple textboxes by following the steps below:

1. When you're in the video storyboard, click on the "Text" tab.

2. You can now add three different types of text to your video. 

a. Heading

b. Subheading

c. Body text

3. Once you've added the textboxes, you can now customize them. 

To do so: Click on the text and use the "Styles Toolbar" to make changes such as the font, size, change the text, highlight, background color and animation to your text.

4.  Once you've customized your text, you can then use the prompts on your textbox to Duplicate, Copy to all scenes and Delete your text.

a. Duplicate

b. Copy to all Scenes

c. Delete


The multiple text boxes are a decorative element to your video, which you can use to add your title, social media handles, etc. Since they aren't a part of your script, the AI voiceover will not narrate the text

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