Pictory FAQs

Pictory FAQs

Pictory FAQs

There are different kinds of videos -- explainers, cartoons, ads, etc. -- what kind of videos is Pictory good for. 

Pictory is best for social media videos or videos that you want to create with a high frequency. You can also use Pictory to also create explainer videos or short video ads, but for high-stakes videos, you probably should hire a video production agency.   

How long does it typically take to create a Pictory video?

In the beginning, as you are learning the software, it might take you about an hour to create a video, but over time this time will reduce to about 15 minutes. Most of the time will be spent trying to find the best visual for a specific scene. 

Do I have to pay royalties to use the visuals or music provided in your product?

No, Pictory has already licensed our collection of over 3 million visuals and hundreds of music tracks for your use in your videos.

What is the ideal length for a video for social media?

Ideal videos are under one minute long. For video ads, we recommend videos under 15 seconds of length. 

What kind of articles can I use to create a video? Can the text be in a PDF or Word document? 

The acceptable types of articles are blogs or news articles published in HTML format. PDF, Word, or Google docs are not currently supported.  For More on Article or Script, see here.

Can I edit the text on the storyboard page? 

Yes, you can edit the storyboard text by simply clicking on the textbox on the scene. You can also edit the text using the left panel where you have only the text for each scene. 

Can I move the text on a scene?

Yes, simply click and drag the text box to your desired location. Please note that certain themes disallow certain text box locations. If you are unable to place a text box exactly where you desire, please consider changing the theme you have selected and try again.

How can I change the font size and color of my text?

You can change these together using the preset themes, but if you want further customizability, please visit our Adjusting Brand Settings page and navigate to the Intro Style section. Visit this page here. Another option is to double click the text box and you will see the option to change the font and color of the text.

Can I record and upload my own voiceover?

Pictory offers the capability to record or upload your own voiceovers. Simply click on the Add Audio button on a specific scene and you will be able to record your own voice for the scene. To apply the voice over for the entire video just add it your audio uploads and click on Entire video.

What if the voice-over mispronounces certain words?

Sometimes the pronunciation in the text to speech may be incorrect. This can be fixed in our backend very easily, simply send a request to us at support@pictory.ai with the word and its correct phonetic pronunciation and we will fix it promptly.

Can I reorder the scenes in my storyboard?

Yes you can, just scroll to the left of your screen and you will see the icon to reorder each scene.

Can I upload my own image or video?

Yes, visit our Adjusting Scenes and Scene Visuals page here and navigate to the Uploading Your Own Visual section at the bottom. 

What format are the videos generated in? 

Pictory videos are generated in the MP4 format using a standard H.264 codec.

Can I post videos from Pictory directly to social media channels?

Yes, through our Hootsuite integration you can post videos directly to Hootsuite and then to your various channels. 

Can I add a Call-to-action button to my video?

CTA buttons are not supported in the MP4 format, so you cannot add them directly in Pictory. However, we recommend an Outro scene with a URL and call to action text for your customers. 

How do I get help with this product?

You can visit our help portal at help.pictory.ai  or you can email us at support@pictory.ai. You can also visit the helpful Help Center or use the Chat button on the bottom left corner of our application screen to get in touch with us. 

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