Export and Download Transcription from Video

Export and Download Transcription from Video

Export and Download Transcription from Video

This tutorial will show you how to export and download your video transcription and subtitles into  .SRT, .VTT, and .TXT formats.

Step 1: Import MP4 video

Begin by dragging and dropping an MP4 file or clicking on the box to browse your files for an MP4 file to upload. Once you have done so, a blue 'Upload' button will appear, click on this to proceed to the next step

Step 2: Edit Transcription

Edit the transcription as needed by removing filler words and deleting unnecessary pauses, words, or sentences that you do not want to include in your final transcription. When you have finalized your transcription, you can being exporting the text. 

Step 3: Export and Download Transcription/Subtitles 

Hover over the "Download Text" button in the top right corner to select which file type you want to export your transcription into. Select from .SRT, .VTT, and .TXT formats and click on the option you choose. This will then prompt Pictory to download the transcription/subtitles in the requested file type on your computer. 

You will then be able to access the downloaded file with the entire transcription/subtitles. 
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