Edit and Summarize Videos with Voice using Text

Edit and Summarize Videos with Voice using Text

Introduction to Editting/Summarizing Videos with Voice using Text

This page is intended to walk you through a few easy steps that will give you all the details and explanation of the features related to editing and summarizing videos with voice using text. The steps are in chronological order so you may choose to read through them in order if you would like to understand the entire process, or if you have more specific questions use the table of contents above to easily navigate to the section you would like to learn more about. 

Step 1: Drag and Drop or Upload MP4 file 

Begin by dragging and dropping and MP4 file or clicking on the box to browse your files for an MP4 file to upload. Once you have done so, a blue 'Upload' button will appear, click on this to proceed to the next step.

Step 2: Voice Transcription

Once you have uploaded an MP4 file, Pictory's unique AI will swiftly work to transcribe the voice from the video. This may take a few moments but you can click on the 'Home' button to work on other things and the transcription will continue in the background. To view the progress of your video with voice transcription, you can click the bell icon in the upper right hand corner. You will also receive an email to the registered email address notifying you when transcription is complete. 

Once your video has been transcribed, you will be presented with the transcription on the left and the preview of your video on the right.

From here, you can edit the transcript directly on the left and the changes will be reflected in the video as well. However, please note that only deleting words or sentences from the transcription will change video itself, other changes will only affect the sub-titles. The preview feature on the right can be helpful in seeing how the changes you make the the transcript reflect onto your video with voice. 

The many ways to adjust your video transcription and video are highlighted in great detail in our Managing your Video with Voice Transcription page. Please navigate to this page to learn more about this step. 

Step 3: Building the Video

Pictory will automatically create a storyboard for you based on how you merged or split your voice transcription.

From here, you can effortlessly adjust your storyboard in a variety of ways, including:

B) Scene Options and Scene Visuals                
D) Styles           
E) Video Format  Note: Changing the aspect ratio with video with voice transcription is not recommended           
E) Brand Settings                 

Click on the storyboard element(s) you wish you learn more about.

Visit our Scene Navigation page to learn about all the ways you can effortlessly navigate through the scenes in your project.

Step 4: Saving, Previewing, or Generating Your Project

Manually save your project - Although once you are in the storyboard, Pictory will auto-save as you make changes you can click the Save button in the upper right to verify your project has been saved. Saved videos can be accessed within the My Projects tab in the upper right.

Preview your project - You may preview your video by clicking the Preview button in the upper right. The preview feature will quickly create a rough draft of your video for you to watch. This can be helpful to verify your video is as you desired. Note: The preview may not reflect exactly how your final video will look.

Generate your project - Once you are finished with your video, you can generate it using the blue Generate button in the upper right.

Video generation may take up to a few minutes, depending on the length of your project, however, you may minimize the pop-up window and continue to work on other tasks while your video is generating. You may see the progress by clicking the bell icon at the top right-hand side. 


Once video generation is completed, the video will be automatically saved under My projects and you will have the option to download it to your computer as an MP4 file, get a link to share with others using the Copy link option, or instantly share your video on Vimeo using the Share option. 

Please visit our FAQs if you have further questions.

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