Create and Download Highlights (Create Short Highlights from Long Webinars)

Create and Download Highlights (Create Short Highlights from Long Webinars)

Create and Download Highlights (Create Short Highlights from Long Webinars)

Step 1: Import MP4 video

Begin by dragging and dropping an MP4 file or clicking on the box to browse your files for an MP4 file to upload. Once you have done so, a blue 'Upload' button will appear, click on this to proceed to the next step

Step 2: Select the part of the video that you want to add to the "Highlights"

Once the transcription has loaded, you will be able to scroll and search through the video. Once you have found the section of the transcription/video that you want to add to your highlights, select the text and right-click on it. Then, select "Add to Highlights". 

The newly added highlight will show up as highlighted in green in the transcription. You are also able to Merge short sentences together and Split long sentences apart. 

Step 3: Downloading the Highlights Clips
By click on the "Highlights" tab at the top, you can see all the highlights you have generated so far. 

You can select all the highlights (by clicking on the selection box next to each highlight, or the box at the top right to select all) and click "Download video clips" in the top left. This will download each highlight clip individually according to the Brand Settings that you have set up. 

Another way to download the clips is to Customize them first. To do so, click "Customize Highlights Video" in the top right corner of your Pictory window. 

From this window, you can customize your video as you would like (change the visuals for each scene, change the audio/voice over, adjust the style of the video/text, and adjust the format of the video).

Then, to generate the video, you can select from these options:
- "Generate -> Video" to make one video with all your highlights clips together
- "Generate ->  Spreadsheet of social post" to make a CSV spreadsheet with each highlights video on its own row
- "Generate -> Social video posts for Hootsuite" to export each highlight clip as its own social media post (which you can then schedule onto Hootsuite directly). 

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