B Rolls Using Pictory

B Rolls Using Pictory

B Rolls Using Pictory

Step 1: Drag and Drop or Upload MP4 file 

Begin by dragging and dropping and MP4 file or clicking on the box to browse your files for an MP4 file to upload. Once you have done so, a blue 'Upload' button will appear, click on this to proceed to the next step.

Step 2: Voice Transcription

Once you have uploaded an MP4 file, Pictory's unique AI will swiftly work to transcribe the voice from the video. This may take a few moments but you can click on the 'Home' button to work on other things and the transcription will continue in the background. To view the progress of your video with voice transcription, you can click the bell icon in the upper right hand corner. You will also receive an email to the registered email address notifying you when transcription is complete. 

Once your video has been transcribed, you will be presented with the transcription on the left and the preview of your video on the right.

From here, you can edit the transcript directly on the left and the changes will be reflected in the video as well. However, please note that only deleting words or sentences from the transcription will change video itself, other changes will only affect the sub-titles. The preview feature on the right can be helpful in seeing how the changes you make the the transcript reflect onto your video with voice. 

The many ways to adjust your video transcription, including the length of each sentence, are explained in our Merging, Splitting, and Deleting Sentences page. Please navigate to this page to learn more about this step. 

Step 3: Replace Visuals in each Individual Scene

Each of the sentences that you selected in the previous section have now been turned into individual scenes (and sub-scenes, depending on sentence length). Each of the scenes will show the video originally assigned to it. If you would like to change this visual, navigate to the "Visuals" tab in the top left. Select the scene in which you want to change the visual and search our huge library for the new visual you would like to replace it with. 
Click on the new image or video and you will see your new selection appear on the right side; it is now the new visual in your scene. 

You can also replace any scenes with your own uploaded images/videos, textures, and solid colors. Check out the Adding Texture and Solid Color Background page for more information. 

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