Adjusting Text Boxes

Adjusting Text Boxes

Text Boxes and Text

Adjusting Text Box: 

The shape and style of the text box will depend on the theme you select. You can select different themes to test which text box format you prefer without altering the text inside. However, you can resize the text and text boxes as well as move the position of the text box in the scene. 

Adjusting Text inside of Text Boxes

To resize the text within the text box, simply double-click the text box to open the formatting tools box, where you will see a drop-down option with a number in it in the top left. To change the size of the text, simply click the drop-down option and click the size you which to implement and the text will be formatted accordingly. 

To edit the text within the text box, double-click on the text box and then click on the text itself. This will allow you to add/delete parts of the text as you please.

Adjusting the Text Box Itself

To resize the text box, notice the double arrow on the right side of the formatting tools box. You can click and drag this to increase or decrease the width of the text box. The height of the text box will automatically adjust to best fit your text.

To move the position of the text box, double-click to access the formatting tools box. Now, click and hold on the top white bar of this box and drag it to whatever location in the scene you desire. The text box will be moved accordingly and slightly adjusted to make your scene look as visually appealing as possible.

Please note that certain themes will make your text box location centered, disallowing certain positions. Please switch the theme you are using if you encounter this issue and desire a text box position your current theme disallows. 

To learn about customizing the font of your text, visit our Brand Settings page and navigate to Intro Style and Scene Style.

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