Adjusting Brand Settings

Adjusting Brand Settings

Getting Started with Brand Settings

Brand settings are a way for you to incorporate your branding via a manually preset intro, scene style, outro and/or brand logo. This page is intended to quickly walk you through how to use the brand settings and give you a sense of how they may appear once enabled. Brand settings can be accessed in the upper right hand corner of the screen at any point during the video creation process. 

You are required to name your brand settings so that they can be saved under a specific name and can be easily switched between if you have created multiple presets. 

Should you choose to, you may also include your logo so that it can appear on the intro or all scenes depending on your preference. To do so, simply click in the box Upload your logo and upload the logo you would. You can then use the Logo location option to select if you would like the logo to appear on the upper right or upper left. 

Using the other options, you can decide if you want your logo to appear only on the title scene or on all scenes. You will also be shown a preview of your logo so you may decide where it might look best. 

Intro Scene 

The intro style allows you manually select how the intro scene looks. The intro scene will be the first scene of your video in any project in which it is enabled.

Click on the Upload custom intro image or video clip box to browse your files for your desired intro. Once you have selected your preferred intro, you will be shown a preview of it on the right.  

Make sure to toggle on the Intro option if you wish to enable it for a video. Once toggled on, the intro scene will remain for all subsequent projects until toggled off. 

Title Scene and All other Scenes 

The title scene will appear before all other scenes in your video but directly after the intro scene. To begin adjusting the title scene, start by toggling the Title option on. 

Now you will be able to select several options including font type, font size, text color, text background color, and the keyword color.

As you select the options you desire, you will see a dynamic preview that adjusts with your selections to give you an idea of how the text will look. 

Adjusting options for all other scenes is identical to adjusting the title scene. To begin, simply toggle on the Scenes option to begin the process.

Outro Scene and Outro Upload

You can either manually build an outro for your video using the Logo and Text option or upload a pre-made outro file that will be included at the end of your videos when the brand settings are enabled. As you work to create your outro, at any time you can watch a preview by pressing the play button on the Outro preview. 

Regardless of which option you desire, begin by toggling on the Outro option.

To create your own outro from scratch, begin by clicking the button Logo & Text

After you have done so, select the layout you would like and an outro background color if you wish. If you select either of the outro layouts that include text you will be prompted to enter text and then format the text color and keyword color to your liking.

Please note that in order to use the second or third outro layout, you must have uploaded your logo since it will appear in the outro.

To upload your own outro file, click on the option Outro clip to begin.

Click on the Upload custom outro image or video clip box to browse your files for your desired outro. Once you have uploaded it, you may watch a preview of it underneath. 

Applying Brand Settings and Helpful Information

To apply brand settings, simply press the save button. Brand settings will be automatically applied to any new project you create when they are enabled.

If you are working on a project and add brand settings in between, press save and you will be asked if you would like to apply those brand settings to the current project.

To temporarily turn off brand settings, click all the sliders so that they are toggled "off" position and click save, you need not remove the settings, rather you can turn them on and off at your convenience. 

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