Adding and Deleting Scenes & Subscenes

Adding and Deleting Scenes & Subscenes

Adding a Scene:

Adding a Subscene:

Deleting a Scene:

Though there will be a fixed number of scenes based on how many sentences your script or article summary was, you can manually add or delete scenes and sub scenes once you are in the story board. 

Adding Scenes Manually

To add a scene or sub scene, navigate to the Story  tab which is located at the top left. Clicking this will show you a list of you scenes with the text within each scene or sub scene. 

Please note: The Story  tab is meant to navigate quickly between scenes, you are not able to edit any element of your video directly from the Story  tab.

You can add a scene or sub-scene directly before or after the scene you have selected. So, if you wish to add a scene between scenes 4 and 5, you can navigate to either scene 4 or 5 using there Story tab.

Please note that each sub scene will be assigned the same scene visual as the scene it is associated with. You will have to add your own text and visual to any new scene you add. Below is an example of adding a scene. 

Here, we want to add a scene between scene 2 and 3, so we can navigate to scene 2  or scene 3 to begin. Here we have selected scene 3. 

To add the scene, since we want our scene to be in between scene 2 and 3 and we are currently on scene 3, we click the plus button on the left side. You will be given the option to choose either a blank, text only, visual only, text & visual scene, or sub-scene. 

Depending on which option you choose, you will be prompted to make certain selections of how you would like your new scene to appear. Here we select visuals only so we are prompted to select the scene's visual.

Once you select your options, click anywhere on the screen and you will see the new scene added to your story. Notice that since we used the left plus option, our new scene is now scene 3 and our original scene 3 is now scene 4. The right plus option can be used to add scenes directly after the one you are currently viewing. 

Please note that regardless of which option you choose, once you have added the scene to your story, you can add in visuals, text, and any other options later on at any point by using the visuals, audio, styles, and format tabs on the left side. 

Deleting Scenes

To delete a scene or sub scene, simply navigate to the scene you intend to delete using the Story tab, and click on the delete button for that scene. Deleting a sub scene will not delete the scene it is associated with and vice versa. Please note, once you have deleted a scene, it cannot be undone. 

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